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Thread: Shooting pain between feedings

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    Default Shooting pain between feedings

    I'm having really sharp shooting pain in my breasts - mainly the right, after nursing or pumping. I really dont think its thrush because I have no other symptoms and neither does my baby. I also dont think its vasospasm or nipple blanching because its happens after pumping too.

    Anyone else have this? Its really sharp and only in between feedings, not during.
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    I have heard that some women have a tingling pain that happens as their milk ducts refill in between nursing sessions. But honestly, thrush and/or vasospasm would be my first bets. If you looked at your nipples after nursing or pumping, would you notice any color changes?

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    I almost alway get a shooting pain in my nippels right about the time my baby girl is dur to eat again and if I look at them at the moment when I feel the pain milk will start leaking out!! I do also have trush to but have felt this shooting pain since the beging!

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