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    My girl seems to spit up almost after every feeding. Is this normal?

    Sometimes it stays in the stomach for awhile before coming up (cottage cheesy) and sometimes not (smooth).

    I try to burb her frequently during feedings every 7 minutes or so, but she gets so angry and frantic when I do this, and many times she does not burp so I think she thinks I am torturing her for no reason.

    Any tips?
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    That can be perfectly normal, yes. If she's normally happy and growing well, it's nothing to worry about. Where it becomes a concern is if the baby seems to be in pain, or isn't gaining well, or has trouble breathing, or if there's projectile vomiting.

    Some breastfed babies just don't burp very often. It's probably not necessary to interrupt the feed... Just try burping her when she comes off the breast on her own.

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    I would say just keep an eye on it. Spitting up is what babies do. If she becomes uncomfortable, writhes in pain, cries a lot or loses sleep over it, then you might have a bigger problem. As long as she's happy and gaining well, I would write it off as the dirty side being a baby.
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    My Spit Up Princess is 3 months old, she started this lovely little habit at around a week old. It's not fun, but unless she's really fussy I wouldn't worry about it. The only real issue is going to be laundry. Another thing that gets to me is I have anxiety about people holding her because I feel bad if she spits up on them because it's usually a lot. Also, I have towels on every piece of furniture in my house and she sleeps on a towel at night so that I'm not washing sheets everyday or the couches!! Good luck and just keep an eye on how she acts right before she spits up!

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