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Thread: Left side is not getting as full as right side?

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    Default Left side is not getting as full as right side?

    For the last two days I have had an odd experience, where my left breast is not getting full at all after feedings, but my right side is getting engorged.

    My bb is 4 1/2 weeks old and we have a pretty good routine for bf'ing, so I'm not sure why all of a sudden this is happening.

    I've tried stimulating my left side and using a cool pack on my right to correct this, but it doesn't seem to be working and I didn't see anything else in the forums about others having this issue.

    Is it common? How do I correct this?

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    Default Re: Left side is not getting as full as right side?

    It's very common to have a slight difference in supply between breasts. It's also common for one breast to routinely feel "fuller" than the other side. My left side always made more milk, and it tended to get engorged more quickly, and it leaked more. Other women find that one side makes more milk, but the other side leaks more. All of these permutations is totally normal. However, just be aware that just how "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," it's common for the high-producing "full" breast to get more nursing! It's natural to put your baby on the side that is uncomfortable, of course. But the problem is that you can unconsciously end up aggravating the imbalance by favoring the higher producing side.

    You are still in the early days of breastfeeding. So I would just keep doing what you're doing - alternate sides, even when your right side seems like it's fuller, you know? Usuallty the sense of "fullness" starts to become less pronounced a few months in, and many mamas find that their supply evens out a bit more. Now there is no difference in supply between my breasts, and I almost never leak.

    One thing I would check for is any sore or tender spots on your right side - a clogged duct can make your breasts feel "full" even right after a feeding because the clog is preventing the baby from fully emptying the breast.

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    Default Re: Left side is not getting as full as right side?

    I've just now (my son is 3 months old) started to get my supply evened out but am just like you. It takes a really long time for my left to get full and my right would seem to always be engorged. The same thing happened with my daughter. I would offer the left more often, especially during any cluster feedings you have.
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