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Thread: Fast flow nipple for a 7 week old?

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    Default Fast flow nipple for a 7 week old?

    My DD who is 7 weeks occaisionally gets a bottle of expressed breastmilk from other family members. When she first started with the bottle at about 4 weeks she was just fine and guzzled it with the slow flow nipple. Now I have a bit of OALD and she loves the fast flow from my breast and sometimes fusses a little between let downs when it gets slower. She has started fussing with the bottle now - I gave her one last night to see what everyone was talking about and she really does fuss with it but eventually drinks it all after fighting - and I know she is hungry because it was 3hrs since her last feeding and she was doing major hunger cues (I also used fresh pumped BM to see if the warmth made a difference which it didnt, and I know I dont have lapase). I'm not sure if its maybe because she has a boob preference right now, or if maybe the bottle is slower than my OALD and so she gets frustrated. I was thinking of maybe trying the fast flow nipple but I dont want to drown her and I dont want anything to affect our breastfeeding. But she needs to be able to take the bottle from others especially since I go back to work in a week and a half. I know you dont normally use fast flow with a BF baby or before 3 months but I'm a little stumped??

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    Default Re: Fast flow nipple for a 7 week old?

    Are you sure it's a fast flow nipple you need and not that your baby prefers the breast? It's a common complaint from breastfeeding moms. Their babies refuse a bottle. And bottles are so personal really. You have to find what works for your baby. My daughter liked Avent and hated Dr Brown's while a friend's baby would only take Dr. Brown's.
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    Default Re: Fast flow nipple for a 7 week old?

    I'm guessing it's more likely she was fussing that YOU were giving her the bottle. A lot of babies won't take bottles from mommy when they know the real deal is right there. I wouldn't give a fast flow yet, I'd stick with the slow flow and wait and see if she does better taking it from someone else when you aren't there.
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