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Thread: pumping at a conference?

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    I know I can still nurse but not pump, but I'm paranoid that if i drop my lunchtime pumping that J won't want to nurse anymore (the anxiety of supply issues never leaves, i guess). I know it's irrational. An added bonus is that he gets the expressed milk during cold and flu season, which makes me feel better about leaving him for the work day.
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    I wasn't suggesting you stop pumping. Just saying it in case you thought one equaled the other.

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    That's awesome that you are still pumping for your 18 month old! It's definitely good for the cold/flu season.

    (I pump weaned at a year, but I still nurse my 19 month old. Wooo-boy, he is not tired of it! I couldn't get him OFF me this morning, he nursed for like an hour straight, all while doing gymnastics on the breast. Good times. )

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