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Thread: Biting!

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    Angry Biting!

    My DD just turned 4 months and she has started biting me while BF she doesn't have any teeth yet thank goodness but it still hurts . Obiviously she doesn't understand when I tell her thats not ok and that it hurts to bite but how do I get her to stop any sugestions?

    Thank in advance

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    Even at four months old, a baby can learn cause and effect pretty quickly. If your baby bites or latches incorrectly, immediately unlatch them, take a 30 second or one minute breather, and then try again. Rinse, lather, repeat. Most babies get the picture pretty quickly, actually! Hang in there! The biting phase is rough, but it's usually really, really short!

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    This happened to me, but only on my left breast. My lactation consultant told me it was because DD was in an uncomfortable position, so she was biting. In my DD's case, it was because she has right-sided torticullis, so she prefers turning her head to the left. When she is forced to turn her head to the right breastfeeding, she bites. I experimented with different neck positions for her and found a position where she doesn't bite. Basically, I had her nurse upright and let her position her head herself. The consultant had me nurse more horizontally and let her find her own neck position but this didn't work for me.

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