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Thread: How much/how often? Also food ideas

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    Default How much/how often? Also food ideas

    We have done BLS for our son, and so far, we haven't found anything that he won't eat. We don't do a large volume of solids, though. He will get pieces of what we're eating at dinner (sometimes lunch), or at dinner we'll give him some fruit/veg of his own - banana or apple in a mesh feeder, for example. He *only* wants foods he can hold himself. I have 2 (well, 3) questions:

    1. How much food (volume wise) should we be giving him now? He's 7 months old. I suspect that since it's all for practice anyway, it doesn't matter, but I don't want to deprive the boy!

    2. Are we still doing okay to do 1x a day? Daycare said they'll do whatever we ask, so there's no pressure from anyone (well, maybe our parents ) but I just want to make sure we're doing the thing that's best for him.

    3. Any tips on foods he can handle himself? He has a very early pincer grasp, and 2 teeth (with more coming very soon). He refuses food from a spoon and doesn't love eating from my finger either (but he will, sometimes). We have tried banana, but it's too slippery for him to handle.

    I have asked our pedi, but she's very much in the camp of, "Do what feels right" for now - of course she gave us the "Don't feed" list, but other than that, she's not pushing me either way.

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    Default Re: How much/how often? Also food ideas

    I hate to just parrot your pedi, but I was just about to say the same thing, then read all the way down to the end of your post

    I have no idea about volume. I made purees for my baby, storing them in 2-oz containers in the freezer. I think I sent 2-3 daily to daycare starting around 6 mos, then gradually worked my way up. I let them feed him however they wanted; usually they fed him solids twice a day, splitting up whatever I sent, and giving it b/w his bottles. At home, I would feed him 1-2 containers maybe once a day on the weekends, and rarely in the evenings during the week.

    I'm trying to remember what finger foods we started with.
    - black beans: he loved/loves those, and since he wasn't a meat fan, they were his main source of iron. I bought canned organic. At first I would mash them a bit so he didn't have to chew that much, but only at first.
    - canned peas (low/no sodium) or green beans
    - cooked veggies: steamed a bit longer than I usually eat them, so that they are basically mush.
    - bananas you can coat in cereal dust (like Cheerios)
    - sliced avocado (see above re: dust)

    I totally hear you on the not letting you feed him. It's been a long time since my son has let me feed him ANYTHING off a spoon (except ice cream - he will hold still for that )
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