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Thread: Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

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    Default Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

    I'm a little unsure whether I should be giving my baby boy (7 and a half months) water. Im in no hurry to wean him, and I'm going at his pace...but apart from letting him handle his cup I don't give him a drink as such. Just offer him frequent feeds. When he is at the breast he is a snacker and always been a fast feeder, poos pleanty and wees for England!

    However, a few family members have said I should include more drinks from a cup. What do you do? Do you offer water?
    Although this is my 3rd time bf, I dont have much support and none of my friends bf. I honestly cant remember what I did last time, lol!!
    Thanks ladies xxx
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    Default Re: Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

    There's no reason to push the cup. At 7.5 months, your LO's needs for liquid are being met by breastmilk. Using a cup is a nice skill, though, so closer to a year I'd start offering one with some water (or better yet, expressed breastmilk!) at meals.

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    Smile Re: Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

    I started mine with a cup at 6 months, just for fun. I tried doing breastmilk but it would get wasted so I just put water in it. He never really drank much until about 1 month ago (11 months) so the practice doesnt hurt. He still just takes a small drink...maybe 2 oz throughout the day to wash down solids. So until you know he won't waste it I wouldnt try breastmilk yet. Plus they dont "need" water at 7 months so just for coordination practice.

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    Default Re: Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

    At 7.5 months, all his nutritional needs are being met by breastmilk, so there's no reason or rush to give any other liquids. At that age, my DS wasn't eating much solids yet, but when he did start eating a bit more (around 10/11 months or so), I always offered a bit of water, but not that much.
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    Default Re: Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

    After my DS started solids, we started having problems with constipation. I do offer water in a sippy (he does very well with a straw sippy) with his solid meals. He is free to drink if and as much as he wishes. He's so cute, he's now 11 months, and at the table he'll have a couple of bites of food (he's self-feeding small bites of solids), then take a drink from his cup, then more food. He's so methodical about it, it cracks me up.
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    Default Re: Drinks when weaning??? What do you do?

    If you don't want to give a lot of water, but want to let him get some cup time you can put an ice cube in a sippy. My daughter loved doing that. She got just enough water to keep her interested in sipping and it functioned as a rattled too.
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