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Thread: Bottle weaning

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    Default Bottle weaning

    I am a working mama. At what point did those of you who BF past 1 choose to bottle wean? He is currently 7 mos, and takes a little liquid through a straw cup, but he's not coordinated enough to actually get much and swallow it yet. I'd like to pump wean sooner rather than later, and I'm just wondering how mamas who BFed past 1 managed to juggle it all.

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    Default Re: Bottle weaning

    I pump weaned when Lilah was around 13 months and she got her last bottle at around the same time. She never had anything other than my milk from a bottle. We just didn't send them anymore to the sitter.

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    Default Re: Bottle weaning

    Nora stopped taking bottles when she was just over 12 months, so we didn't really have to do anything. But if you decrease the amount you are pumping slowly when you pump wean you can naturally decrease the number of bottles by not offering a substitute liquid in the bottle. Instead of bottles have the day care offer a solid snack and water or maybe juice in a sippy or regular cup.

    Like Tracie, we never gave her anything but breastmilk or formula in her bottle so she didn't expect a bottle once she stopped needing milk at day care. She got water or juice in a regular cup. Water starting around 8 mos, juice closer to a year. Usually just water, though, since we didn't use sippys it cut down on the mess.
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    Default Re: Bottle weaning

    How attached is your LO to the bottle? My son has never been huge on bottles, but he does seem to still have a strong need to suckle when he's tired (he's currently 11 months). I think 7 months would be premature to take away the bottle. My DS has only just within the last week or so agreed to drink breastmilk from a sippy - he would take water or juice from the sippy, but for whatever reason refused to take my milk from a cup until just now.

    We're currently in the process of bottle and pump weaning, but plan to continue nursing. Because of the holidays, DS will get at least one bottle at daycare through 11.5 months, and then probably none after the holidays, when he's a year. I planned to pump wean 12/15, but will probably continue now until Christmas.

    Do you have a freezer stash? Have you checked on that milk? I've had a bit of a panic situation, where I'm fearing that the 230+ oz of milk that I had stored may all be bad My plan was to keep sending frozen milk to daycare in a sippy, but now it's a bit questionable.

    As far as when is a good time to pump wean, I'd be hesitant to do it before about 10 months. Just in my experience with pumping at work, I've had diminishing output that really seemed to drop around 8-9 months. I was worried about my supply outside of work, and ended up eating a lot of oatmeal. I have a friend who EPed, and stopped pumping around 6 months, figuring that she had enough frozen stash to make it to 12 months. I don't know if she miscalculated or what, but ended up having to give her daughter formula.

    For me, I wanted to get pretty close to 12 months, balancing that against my hatred of the pump and my workplace's pressure to stop pumping.
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    Default Re: Bottle weaning

    DS1 - last bottle at 13 mo; pump weaned at 16 mo (had EBM in a sippy after 13 mo)

    DS2 - last bottle at 14 mo; pump weaned at 14 mo

    Both kids really took to a straw cup. "Baby" is now 15 mo and uses a straw cup at preschool and for water at home.
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