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Thread: what exactly does nursing "on demand" mean?

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    Default what exactly does nursing "on demand" mean?

    i try to nurse my baby "on demand" but i am not sure how exactly to interpret this - it's not like i can understand what she is "demanding" most of the time. generally when she fusses or cries and diaper change and a small amount of rocking don't help, i assume she is hungry and nurse her. does this sound right? but what if it's colic or her tummy hurting wouldn't nursing make it worse?

    she is 7 weeks btw

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    Default Re: what exactly does nursing "on demand" mean?

    7 weeks is so young yet. You guys will get to know each other beter. IT just takes some time.

    a baby with a hurting tummy just will not nurse.

    IT sounds like your doing all the right things.

    Hows weight gain been? WEts and poops?
    thats the way to know if baby is getting the milk they need.

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    Default Re: what exactly does nursing "on demand" mean?

    It sounds like you're doing just right. At 7 weeks, a baby's cues are still hard to read- sometimes what looks like a nursing cue is really a "I have a wet diaper" cue or an "I want to be held" cue. As she gets older, she'll be able to give you cues that are easier to read (and you'll get better at reading them). But with a young baby I say to always try nursing first. It's always soothing, you really can't nurse too much (even if the cause of the fussing is gas or colic), often the baby really is hungry, and if she's not hungry she won't eat. She'll just spit the breast out and keep on fussing until you figure out what's going on.

    Don't worry, Mama!

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