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Thread: Weaning seems imminent-- are my boobs going to be OK??

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    Default Weaning seems imminent-- are my boobs going to be OK??

    I may have posted with this concern before, but it's at the forefront of my mind now as my son seems very close to weaning. Everything happens gradually but I think we are reaching the point where he could have an entire day without nursing at some point soon, especially if I didn't offer at all.

    I want to let him have that chance to go a day without if he is not interested in it-- but I am leary of not offering because I am scared of having a clogged duct / mastitis issue.

    Ladies who have weaned children, did you do anything proactive to protect from clogs? supplements or careful weaning scheduling or something?

    We always have 1 solid nursing (a.m.) each day, and I am nervous to go from that straight to a 36 or 48 hr stretch without nursing.

    This weekend he did NOT nurse when he woke up each day, but then I encouraged him a few hours later out of my own boob fear. :-)

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    Default Re: Weaning seems imminent-- are my boobs going to be OK??

    If you've weaned gradually you aren't likely to have a problem with clogged ducts or mastitis. Going from one nursing per day to none will probably not cause any problems. But if it does you can always hand express if you notice any signs of clogged ducts. Since you aren't producing much mastitis isn't likely to be a problem even if you do get a clogged duct.
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    Default Re: Weaning seems imminent-- are my boobs going to be OK??

    Thanks! It has been quite gradual so hopefully it will be okay.
    I just remember having clogs in the past (over a year ago at this point) and fear the same issue again.

    I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to hand express (tried early on but never with any success) and actually tossed my pump recently during a move! My own fault there :-)

    I will try to trust that my body is adapting fine, and worse case scenario if there is pain I cannot handle I can leave work to go massage/nurse it out.

    I just like to prevent problems if I can :-)


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