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Thread: nursing while babywearing

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    Default nursing while babywearing

    is anyone able to do this? what type of wrap or carrier do you have and what position do you use? how old is your baby?

    my daughter is 7 weeks old and i have a sling shawl - basically a huge long piece of fabric - i use it A LOT, first i did the cradle/horizontal position while she was very young and lately i am using a vertical position. but i CANNOT imagine how to position her so she can nurse ?! also, she still needs a lot of assistance latching on and staying on.. does it mean it won't work until she is older?

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    Default Re: nursing while babywearing

    With a newborn I nursed a lot using a mei tai or a ring sling. When baby got older / bigger nurse using a ring sling.

    I started at home so could practice.
    With the sling I started sitting down and holding baby with the sling very loose. As I got more confident and figured out positioning moved to nursing on the go with sling supporting baby. It definitely gets easier when baby has more head control and doesn't need as much help latching.
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