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    Any suggestions for a lazy sucker? He'll nurse for an hour and be hungry again an hour later (which equals me constantly nursing him...can't do with a 5 yo and a 3 yo!). If I feed him pumped milk from a bottle, he'll go 3+ hours between feedings. Not to mention he eats in less than 30 minutes. Both of my other babies were this way as well and I ended up quitting at 3 months. I really want to nurse longer this time.

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    how old is your baby? That is totally normal for a BF baby. Breastmilk digests in about 90 minutes, and very young babies have tiny tiny stomachs. The first few months are all about constant breastfeeding. Do you have a sling or a wrap? You can wear baby and let him nurse as often as he wants and still have 2 arms free for your other LOs. There are plenty of us here with older sibs, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Try not to let your past experiences get in the way! You are doing great, keep nursing!!!

    have you contacted your local LLL leader? Attended any meetings? this is very helpful and highly reccomended!
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    hows he sleeping at night?
    IF your getting a long strech of sleep say 5 plus hours they almost always need to nurse more often during the day to make up and gain weight.
    throw out your clocks.

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