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Thread: Never thought we would be here...

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    Unhappy Never thought we would be here...

    My LO is 15 months and I tought I was not going to make it past the first 2 weeks!
    is it normal for my LO to be more attached to my boobs at this age? i feel like he is my velcro and there are times that i feel i have no me time, especially as i work fulltime and he is on me all the time! he pushes my hubby away and has tantrums if i dont feed him right away. he eats solids very well, but he still wants to bf after, even if he eats a lot. i know they can eat for comfort, but he latches on and gulps my milk down like there is no tomorrow.
    any advice?
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    Default Re: Never thought we would be here...

    He could very well be going through a growth spurt.
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