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Thread: it might be over..

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    Default it might be over..

    DD turned 3 in May.
    She is the milkiest baby ever.
    For about 3 months its been 5 mins once or twice a day.. at bedtime or morning...

    We went on a week cruise... and after 4 days she asked for milk.. and it hurt.
    Felt really strange...
    And I said "it hurts, stop, did you get any milky?"
    And she smacked her lips but I think its all gone... with no pain/engorgement?
    But she still is my milky baby.
    Not sure what I'll do next time she asks...
    Nana asked her if she has had enough milk and she said "noooo" with the biggest grin. but i think its over.

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    Default Re: it might be over..

    My DD weaned at 3 as well. It was more my choice than hers but she was plenty ready for the little nudge I gave her. I don't judge anyone for going later but really, 3 is a wonderful age to stop. They get what's happening. You can talk to them about it. You can make them feel so big for weaning.

    I know it's tough and the drop in hormones can be awful but really, you've done a wonderful thing going this long. Congratulations!

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