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Thread: Need some help...oversupply and bleeding...

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    Well we are going to go ahead and switch to formula. She had two diapers yesterday afternoon/evening that had some blood in them again. She had 12 ounces of my milk Wednesday and Thursday (rest of the time formula) and that has been the only thing that has changed. I hate that for whatever reason my milk is making her bleed and I had said before that if after introducing my milk she started to bleed again we would just switch to all formula. It totally stinks but I want what is best for her and my milk for whatever reason doesn't seem to be it. I am taking the bleeding as my sign that formula is the best route to go with her. It is heartbreaking but I feel okay with this and feel like for whatever reason this is what God has planned. At least she got almost 2 months of breast milk - better than none at all. And the weird thing is - her bum has started to get red again already with just that little breast milk and the breast milk poos coming out! Almost like my milk is too acidic or something like that. And the milk she has been drinking - it was what I pumped fresh and both sides were mixed together in hopes of getting the fore and hind milk all mixed together really well. I noticed from the bottles of milk we have had in the fridge that my milk now isn't as fatty as it was with Andrew.

    So now have to dispose of all this milk in the freezer and figure out how to get my milk to dry up...
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    I'm sorry that switching to formula is where you feel you have to go. I can totally understand, though.

    I'd hang onto your freezer stash. You never know... Allergies/intolerances often decrease or disappear as time goes on. In a few months, you could possibly use your stash to thin out some cereal or other solid.

    Getting your milk to dry up will be easier if you wean slowly. Drop one pumping session, wait a few days, then drop another, wait a few more days, etc.. This should minimize the chances of getting engorged or winding up with plugged ducts or mastitis.

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