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Thread: Domperidone Question (will my supply go down if I wean off?)

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    Default Domperidone Question (will my supply go down if I wean off?)

    I was having trouble breastfeeding my son...after 4 weeks, we found out it was a combination of his recessed lower jaw, tongue tie, my flat nipples, and a lack of supply. Now that he's is 12 weeks, things have been really turning around! His jaw is growing out a little, his tongue was snipped...but we're still having latch issues....we practice with the breast each and every day. I even us a nipple shield to try and help him get them going. He just is too impatient for the breast....but we keep trying. I'm NOT going to give up! The majority of what he gets is pumped bmilk....as long as he's getting my milk, I don't care how he gets it! He's still getting all the nutrients!

    Some More background: because I was having trouble with my milk supply (was pumping 6 oz per day...but am now up to between 34-42 ounces each day! This has happened as a result of a rigid pumping schedule of every 2 hours for 15 min each time, taking goats rue, fennugreek, shatavari, and blessed thistle supplements, and a prescription for Domperidone from my doctor. We tried the herbs first, they helped, but not enough, so then we added the prescription. I had amazing success with the Domperidone. I have been taking it for 1.5 months...and it's awesome! I have enough milk to store some in the freezer as well--each day!

    **QUESTION: How long should I continue the Domperidone? I haven't seen/felt any side effects whatsoever...and there have not been any for my son either. Has anyone else taken this and for how long? If I wean off the Rx.....will my supply decrease? Should I just keep taking it until I'm not bfeeding any more? I want to breastfeed for the FIRST YEAR....but I'm afraid that my milk will drop if I stop the Rx....I need suggestions! PLEASE!

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    Default Re: Domperidone Question (will my supply go down if I wean off?)

    Dr Newman has a good read about how to wean off the Dom:
    http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15:do mperidone-stopping&catid=5&Itemid=17
    Personally I stayed on it for....20 months. DD will be 2 next week so I stayed on it longer then recommended. Although by the end I was only taking 30mg a day and sometimes skipping days. I believe at some point it did become more of a mental thing where I was convinced not taking it affected my supply when in reality I would skip days and my supply would be just fine. When you DO decide to stop its very slowly and Dr. Newman told me if I noticed a decrease in supply then to try again a different week.
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    Default Re: Domperidone Question (will my supply go down if I wean off?)

    I have a 10 week old and I started the domperidone 6 weeks ago--- it has been a miracle drug for me too! I went from pumping 0.5-1 ounce to now pumping 3-6 ounces each time (about 7 times a day). Obviously, my baby primarily gets expressed breast milk. I too would be interested in weaning off, I would be very interested in what has worked for others.

    Did you notice a further increase in supply after 4 weeks on domperidone? What is your dose? I believe that the recommended is 20 mg four times daily.

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