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Thread: Nursing Strike and Menstruation

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    Hi, my almost 10 month old daughter is on strike after abruptly refusing to nurse almost 48 hours ago. Tonight I noticed the very beginning of my period. She had no wet diapers in 24 hours, so I am now pumping and giving her bottles of milk . . . I should also mention that I have the worst PMS I have ever had this month so I wonder if my hormones are very noticeable to her too. This is so hard! No teething or anything else that I can tell. Anyone gone through this? I am offering the breast, trying all the tricks and NOTHING. If it's my period, how will she know to try again when it's over? Can she smell me without trying it to know? THanks for any and advice! - Yvette

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    hang in there, it sounds like a strike and your doing the right things.

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