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Thread: reasons for fussing at breast?

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    Default reasons for fussing at breast?

    until now my "only" problems were with cracked nipples, pain, shallow latch and tongue tie, but at least my baby LIKED nursing and nursed happily until she falls asleep, bad latch or not. but the last couple of days she has started fussing at the breast a lot - sometime after letdown is over she will start wiggling her head around, kicking and twisting, and eventually she will let go of the boob and cry. i tried giving her a break, holding her up to burp and relatching, but she still fusses.

    my first thought was that maybe the breast is empty, but i could still express some milk so that was not it. now i have a sneaking suspicion that it might be because i gave her bottles for half her feedings for a few days (i was simply in too much pain to nurse). so maybe she now gets frustrated when let down stops and milk is not spraying down her throat anymore? what can i do about this?? or can you think of any other explanation?

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