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Thread: Has anyone needed to wean to get pregnant?

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    Default Has anyone needed to wean to get pregnant?

    My son is 28 months and still nurses it is variable I work 2 12hour shifts a week at night so he goes a long time between some nurings but I never started my period. I even stopped birth control ( I was just on the mini pill) for 3 months and didn't get pregnant. I am thinking I might have to totally wean him at 3 in order to get pregnant. Any one have this problem? Three is still a ways off and I think once summer hits he'll probably be so busy playing outside he won't ask to nurse so often and maybe he'll wean himself. I had thought from hearing from others that he might just wean when I got preganant, but I guess that might not be possible.

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    Default Re: Has anyone needed to wean to get pregnant?

    We didn't, but my period returned at 16 weeks even with nursing around the clock. Have you asked your doctor about it?
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    Default Re: Has anyone needed to wean to get pregnant?

    I think for some women, they either have to radically cut back on nursing or wean completely before their fertility comes back. While 15 months PP is the average time for a nursing mother to get her cycles back, obviously MANY women go much longer. I know there are some other mamas on here who are in your shoes, hopefully they'll chime in.

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