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    My angel will be 1 on Christmas day....She's starting to limit her breastfeeding lately. She nurses well in the morning, but during the day/evening, lately, it has been hit or miss. I have 2 issues that I'm on the fence about...One is I really would not like to give my child cow's milk. She was VERY sensitive to it when I would ingest it, therefore I was dairy free since she was a few months old. In the past few months, I have given her a small bit of yogurt to "test" it, and she seemed ok. I would like to continue to breastfeed her, however she has been showing signs of self weaning. I'm scared that this may be the end... Can anyone give me links to information regarding how much milk a one year old should be getting? I'm thinking that maybe I should start to pump again and give bm in a sippy cup since she loves that.

    My other issue is is that I would like to get my cycle back! I want to try to conceive again (someday!) and some of my friends that are still bfing got their period a few months ago. I know this is a stupid question, but is there anyway that I can get this back while still lactating?

    Thanks in advance for the information!

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    Congrats on 1 yr!

    In my experience, toddlers go through phases of nursing less frequently, then suddenly they're nursing all day long again! For mine, it usually depends on teething, new developments, their own struggle with the security-independence thing, etc.

    My first son was extremely sensitive to dairy and I had to go dairy/soy free from 2 mths. I too was wary of offering cows milk at 1 yr. Cows milk is convenient because it contains important nutrients like calcium, protein, vit D and fat, but so do plenty of other foods. Here's a link to a list of other foods your child could eat to get the same nutrients:

    As for the period, I got mine at exactly 12 mths with DS1, and continued to nurse him until he was 2 and a half (until I was 5 mth PG with DS2). I still haven't got my period since DS2 who is now 19 months. I think for most people their period returns at around a year but there's huge variation.

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    I took the depo shot after my second son, so my period never restarted. With Mollie, I EBF for 9 mo and STILL started my cycle after 3 mo!!

    Mollie "threatened" to start weaning at about 11mo, then backed off and is now nursing like a newborn, which I have discovered here, is not uncommon. She is nearly 14mo old and nurses enough now that if she is with me around the clock, I will get one of the those seedy, yellow breastmilk diapers (remember those - the ones with no smell?!).
    I agree with the post from purplemonkey - don't offer cow's milk if it makes you nervous...there are too many other places to get what she needs, especially now that she's eating.
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    If you're worried your baby's weaning, you may want to check out this link on kellymom.com (if you haven't already). I had the same worry as yours when my baby was just past 1yo and I think I found an article on there which eased my worry (can't remember the exact link or I'd post it for you).

    IIRC basically it is said that babies don't just wean; they wean to something else like solids (hence a baby is only likely to be weaning when (s)he is well on solids), or cups (hence (s)he isn't likely to be weaning when not already drinking well from a cup), etc. Also I read that you can reduce the likelihood of your baby weaning by making time at the breast not just milk time but also time for comfort, love, fun, etc. I know right now my baby enjoys cuddling with me and listening to me singing to her while having a drink at the breast.

    Also my baby's 10 days shy from 14MO and I still always BF before a solid meal. I was happy when a pedi/IBCLC who wrote articles for kellymom and LLL whom I met at a BF support group said she recommends it still for babies mine's age. Oh and she doesn't drink any other milk but mommy's. Like your LO she was sensitive to dairy and probably even soy in my diet and I wanted to introduce yogurt after 1YO but still haven't. I think I've read several time on here that as long as your baby nurses 5 times a day she probably doesn't need any other milk.

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    Thank you for the post-- I have been having very similar issues to my LO!
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    You can try a Goats milk, I can buy it here at the local organic store/wal-mart/superstore/safeway... pretty much all groceries stores I find have it. instead of cows milk... it's easier on the body to Digest and has all the same good stuff that cow's milk does. And Honestly I can't tell the difference in taste or smell either so that may be an option!

    My Lil gal is 18 months here in about a week and she still BF quite a bit ( may be due to teething though) she eats fairly well, and we still offer her a cup of milk through out the day... sometimes she'll drink tons of it and other days she won't touch it.
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