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Thread: Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

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    Unhappy Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    My son is 3 weeks old and is doing well breast feeding for the most part. There are hours where I am feeding him for 6 hours on and off constantly! I know he is getting milk because I hear him swallow and he spits up alot everytime.
    I was told the spitting up is common and means nothing to do with being "full" but he dose'nt settle after. At night he is doing better but from 2 - 8 in the afternoon it's crazy. I have only given him maybe 5 ounces of formula ever but I don't know what to do? Maybe a growth spurt or he is not getting enough?

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    Default Re: Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    What you describe sounds very normal for such a young baby. Many babies have a lot of fussiness in the afternoon and evening- it's so common that there are names for the pattern ("the witching hours," "evenings-only colic," etc.). It's generally not happening because there's something wrong with your milk supply. It's just a baby being a baby. With my kids, I always felt like it was happening because they were too tired to eat and too hungry to fall asleep... Anyway, here are some things you can try:
    - Motion. Give your baby a ride in a sling, stroller, or a swing, rock him in a rocking chair, take him for a drive in the car.
    - Swaddle. Some babies calm down when swaddled.
    - Go outside. Fresh air can work like magic. With my second kid, we just took her outside every evening from around 6 to 8, and she would quiet right down!
    - Bath. Warm water can really soothe!
    - Nurse. There's no reason not to. I know it's tiring, but I for one would rather have a baby attached to me than a baby screaming at me!

    If the above doesn't seem like it matches what you're experiencing, a growth spurt would be my alternate guess. There's a big one at around 3 weeks of age!

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    Default Re: Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    Great! I do just nurse him again to calm him down and eventually after all the spit up and gas he settles. Swaddling is great for him I have noticed...I am going to try that and keep moving forward not give up

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    Default Re: Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    3 weeks is a big growth spurt. Hang in there!

    As long as he's gaining the right amount of weight, you're doing fine.

    Sounds like you're doing great!

    During the first 3 months, it's going to seem like all you do is nurse your baby. This is normal!

    Try to get out of the house everyday, even if it's just a walk around the block. Being in the company of other mothers will help make these days pass quicker.
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    Default Re: Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    sounds like you are doing great! All sounds normal for such a tiny baby. His tummy is getting used to digesting and if he swallows air it will come out! Keep nursing!!!!

    Have you contacted your local LLL leader? Attended any meetings???
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