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Thread: Keep an oversupply on purpose?

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    Default Keep an oversupply on purpose?

    I have a slight oversupply but it seems to have made BF easier for me. I only pump 2-3 times a day and get an extra 2-4oz each time, so I don't think its an OS that is out of hand. Having the OS makes my flow faster which my LO (6 weeks) definately prefers (she fusses with a slow flow and between let-downs), and it also makes the feedings a little shorter which has been nice going from 50mins to 25mins. She also seems to be sleeping better and longer at night (usually one 4-5hr stretch between feeds). She hasnt been gassy and her stools are not green. I do feel full between feedings, especially at night/mornings, which I know I'm not supposed to feel anymore, but I kinda like have the OS better than the way things were a week ago (slow flow, fussy baby, realllly long feedings).

    How bad is it to keep a slight OS on purpose? I'm thinking of just continuing to pump and extra 2-3x/day to keep it. I know this could risk infection, but I think I'm ok if I keep it mild. Has anyone else done this? Is it a really bad idea?
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    Default Re: Keep an oversupply on purpose?

    I think the perfect situation is to make just what your baby needs. Too much milk can lead to gasiness and other problems.
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    Default Re: Keep an oversupply on purpose?

    I don't know. In general I agree with Krystine, but if it's not causing you or your LO any problems, and you are just pumping a couple times a day (and not in the middle of the night out of misery and engorgement like I did when I had OS!), I don't see the harm. At that point, you don't have true OS, you are just making a little more than you need. It's basically just like you're pumping to create a stash.

    However, if you find it's too much of a hassle, you can just pump a little less each time until you don't need to anymore. Or you may find that at your baby's next growth spurt, she'll want that milk, and pumping won't be necessary.

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    Default Re: Keep an oversupply on purpose?

    I had undersupply with LO1, barely enough with LO2, and now oversupply with LO3. I love my oversupply. My LO is seven months old, and I dump out 15 to 20 ounces of milk daily from two pumpings. I can't donate my extra milk because I take meds for high blood pressure.

    I don't have any problems with my extra milk, and my baby doesn't either. The only thing is that she is HUGE! 140th percentile for weight! 24 pounds 10 ounces at her six month check up.

    I think oversupply is so much better than the other two cases. I never have to worry about my baby getting enough to eat. I know there are problems with having too much milk, but if you look at the number of posts under the "Too Much Milk" thread compared to the others, you can tell that it's not very much of a problem in relation to undersupply.

    Just my two cents.

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    Default Re: Keep an oversupply on purpose?

    It doesn't really sound like it's really oversupply to me, just a GOOD supply, and like you respond well to the pump. I had OS/OALD and it did cause a lot of choking, gagging, gas, etc, and his nursing sessions were never longer than 10 minutes even in the beginning because my flow was too fast. Usually more like 3-5 min though. I also responded well to the pump and in the beginning when I pumped to make bottles for him to practice before I started work I would get 5-6 oz if I didn't stop myself, and that would take less than 10 minutes. If you are happy and your baby is happy, then there is no problem. If you get sick of pumping or don't need to do it as much, just wean off the pump gradually.

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