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Thread: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

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    Default 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    My son is 6 months old and just totally not interested in purees AT ALL. I've tried a few different foods, all fruits and cereal so far, and he just turns his head. If he does open his mouth and I can get some food in, he makes a face like it tastes bad and spits it out. I've tried thinning it out so it's more like the breastmilk that he's used to, but that doesn't help either.

    I waited until he was almost 6 months to do anything other than breastmilk, that is what I was supposed to do right?

    I totally forgot about BLS until I got on here to write this post - do you guys think I should try that? I'm worried about choking with that method though...

    My oldest son was great with solids. He gobbled almost everything that we gave him right up. It's just so different this time, I'm not sure what to do. I'm not worried about him gaining weight - that's not an issue at all. He's a great nurser and has been since day 1. I'm just worried about him being behind. I guess I shouldn't compare though, since all babies are different.
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    Default Re: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    Joe was super uninterested in being spoonfed and solids until a few months in - I think he was eight or nine months old before he really started eating solids, and then it was BLS - table foods. I was worried like you, but it turns this is really common! Solids are really more "for fun" until a year. One great thing about breastfeeding is that you don't have to worry that your picky kid is getting enough nutrients.

    After being the most solids-adverse baby EVAH as a baby, Joe is a good eater now, less picky than his peers. It's like everything - some kids pick it up early and some wait a while. Nothing to worry about.

    But to answer your other question, try some soft cooked pieces of sweet potato, etc. Your baby may still not be interested, but feel free to experiment. At this point, you don't want to do anything that could break into smaller hard pieces, just soft foods. It's normal to see a lot of "gagging" when babies are learning to eat - they're not really choking unless they aren't getting air. Coughing means they are okay!

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    Default Re: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    Its possible he's not quite ready too. There is no harm in waiting a bit. You could try BLS, that way he isn't going to eat anything until he is ready. Food is for play and expiermenting at this age. Most importantly, don't stress about weither or not anything is getting into baby. Breastmilk or formula is suffienct nuietrients for the first year of life anyways.
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    Default Re: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    Listen to your baby!

    He's either:
    - not ready
    - doesn't like the texture
    - doesn't like the taste
    - doesn't like being spoon fed

    Take a deep breath, back off, and try again in a week. Experiment with letting baby self-feed appropriate foods (sweet potato, butternut squash, banana, ripe pear without the skin, avocado).

    All LO are different. Both kids I did BLS and started OFFERING foods soon after 6 mo. My DS1 didn't really eat solids until 8.5 mo or so. DS2 dove right into solids and was eating tons by 7 mo. Just different people.
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    Default Re: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    DS2 hates it when anybody tries to feed him anything. DS1 was totally different. If he doesn't like it and you don't want to do BLS, the give it a couple weeks and try again. He doesn't need solids yet. We gave DS2 puffed brown rice cereal to practice with first. It gave him practice picking up food himself and he couldn't choke. After that he got soft cooked veggies and we moved on from there. He loved shredded chicken from the crockpot.

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    Default Re: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    Ah, thank you all SO much!! This eases my mind to know that other babies do the same thing. I have been trying most days, but usually just do a few spoonfuls. I won't worry too much from here on out. This morning though he at least did open his mouth in anticipation a few times, but I think it was more to chew on the spoon...
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    Default Re: 6 month old not interested in solids - very frustrated!

    Hi there:-) I was reading and smiling to my memories...I know its not funny and frustrating at times, I've been there with my DD2, who I exclusively breast fed till she was 6 months (fighting my mom off with her constant "give her real food", "she needs to eat" etc), then i tried (I was excited as I remember how cute it is when they start eating solids, my DD1 was an amazing eater!) and she just wasn't interested, NO MATTER what I gave her! To my mom it was "all my fault, because i started too late" LOL. I was upset, frustrated, mad, you name it! I was trying EVERYTHING, but no result:-( She was formulafed then (I dried up, unfortunately) and even that was not very easy to do: feed her a bottle (we had days when she had 2 6-8-oz bottles in 24 hours, and that was it!). She was just a horrible eater. But then, one week before she turned 1, MY MOM (LOL) finally was able to feed her something solid! Hooray (because a week lated we had to put her into a daycare)! We were still struggling to feed her, gave her food to play (and hopefully eat), begged her, talked to her, jumping on our ears, you name it! All just for her to take couple of spoons. All until she was transferred form the "baby's" room in her daycare to the older toddlers, who all were on the same schedule and pretty much all ate by themselves. She's 2y and 4 months now and is an excellent eater, not even very picky! She's the best eater in her daycare:-) (her teachers are still remembering how she'd go on hunger strikes for weeks). I have a 5 months old who's soooo interested in being spoon-fed! BTW, she turned 5 months today and I gave her a little tiny bit of a mashed banana and she LOVED it! So figure:-)
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