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Thread: I am at a loss, Not sure what the deal is

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    Default I am at a loss, Not sure what the deal is

    My lo has started sleeping through the night (4 months old), at least for now. She is sleeping about 10-12 hours and I am pumping just b/4 I go to bed. This is about 10 pm (she is in bed around 7-7:30 pm). I am having troubles with her during the day with staying on the breast (she is so very distracted) and dispite taking the advice of all (dark room, etc.) I still can't get her to stay on more than 12 - 16 minutes on a good day! We have started having to give her bottles of EBM after feedings to help her since is many times still hungry. I am trying to pump a lot and trying to encourage her to eat more from me. Her wet diaper count has decreased dramatically. In fact, after sleeping 12 hours last night, her diaper was only about 1/3 to 1/2 full! I am at a loss!

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    Default Re: I am at a loss, Not sure what the deal is

    I guess if she's still hungry after that is an issue, but I as I was first reading your post, I thought WOW...my LO never nursed more than 7-10 minutes, ever. Is there any chance your LO is just a more efficient nurser now and doesn't need to nurse longer than the 12-16 minutes? However if there is concern about output on the diaper issue, I'm not sure what to think. I've read several posts on here about "nursing strikes" where a child goes through periods of just not being as interested. Have you tried wearing something fun around your neck to keep her interested. That could help. Just remember that she'll eat if she's hungry and just like us, she'll be hungrier one day and not as much others. Sorry I don't have more good hard advice. Good luck!

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    Default Re: I am at a loss, Not sure what the deal is

    Mikina, we all worry about stuff w/don't need to....@4months 12-16 minutes at the breast is PLENTY of time. You may actually be throwing her off by gving her a bottle. BFed babies self regulate. Bottle fed babies don't. They learn to drink until a bottle is gone. If she drinks for 12-16minutes it's very likely she is getting enough. If you've been supplementing w/a bottle this whole time she may just take the bottle because this is what she's learned to do. And if a baby has actually slept thru for 12hours it stands to reason that her diaper wouldn't be sopping wet. She hasn't had anything to eat ot drink for 12hrs!!! Stop worrying. Your baby has been doing fine all this time. ANd she sleeps all night! I see her. She's thriving! Relax. Your BFing relationship is working!!!

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