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Thread: Is this okay? Oversupply?

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    Default Is this okay? Oversupply?

    First time posting here. I'm a little worried about 3-week-old daughter.

    She's our second baby, and my first nursed problem-free for 20 months- I feel like a first-timer with all this worry!

    I think I might have oversupply issues. Baby doesn't seem to latch well (she doesn't take a lot into her mouth) and gets choked up often when nursing. She doesn't often nurse for long (maybe 10 min tops?). She's nursing every 1-4 hours. When I try to get her to nurse longer, she fusses at the breast.

    She's got plenty of wet diapers (10+ daily) and poops 3 times each day on average. Her poops are the typical yellow, ebf baby poo. She was born at 6lb15oz and was up to 8lb at her 2-week appointment (last time she was weighed).

    My worries are about her latch, short nursing sessions, gassiness (she seems to take in a lot of air when she's nursing), and fussiness. She sleeps A LOT still (probably about 20hrs/day) but when she's awake she's usually fussing. I can usually get her to calm down in the wrap and we've started the paci this week which she seems to like but she isn't proficient with it quite yet. It's not fussiness at the same time each day or anything... she's just always upset when she's awake. She grunts and seems like she's straining. She doesn't nurse for comfort at all.

    She seems to nurse best at night, side-lying. She wakes up every 2-4hours, latches well, and nurses that one side until she falls asleep. If she gets fussy/grunty, I can lay her across my belly with her feet hanging down on the bed while I'm laying down (so she's elevated) and she'll go to sleep pretty easily.

    I feel like I'm having letdown all throughout the day. I leak and spray like crazy. I feel engorged at least once a day, but I'm still leaking and spraying even when I'm not feeling engorged.

    I pump occasionally (I think I've used it 4 times in the past 3 weeks), but I'm afraid pumping will ultimately equate to more milk, so I'm afriad to do it too often.

    Sorry for the jumble of information... I'm just trying to get it all out there!

    Does this sound like an oversupply issue? Could it be something else? Could it be nothing other than a fussy baby? Should I try gripe water? Should I pump more? Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance!

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    Default Re: Is this okay? Oversupply?

    awe 3 weeks is still very very young..
    you guys will get it all figured out!
    are your nipples cracked or bleeding? are you having nipple pain?

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    Default Re: Is this okay? Oversupply?

    No cracking or serious pain... just a little discomfort when she's "battling" the boob sometimes.

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    What you describe does sound like you have some level of oversupply. The following suggest OS:
    - short feedings
    - fussing at the breast
    - dislike of comfort nursing
    - choking when nursing
    - leaking/spraying
    - engorgement
    - gassiness

    However, I don't think this sounds like the worst oversupply problem I've ever heard of. Your baby's latch sounds like it's pretty much pain-free, and that's great. A good latch feels good. It doesn't matter how it looks. And your baby's poops are yellow- bad oversupply often causes green, watery, explosive stools.

    So, what should you do? I suggest the following:
    1. Adjust your nursing position. If baby is more comfortable nursing when lying down, nurse lying down! Different nursing positions can slow milk flow, reducing choking, air swallowing, gas, and fussiness.
    2. Burp her more frequently.
    3. Do not pump. If you're planning to return to work, there's still time to build up a stash without risking perpetuating or exacerbating an oversupply issue.

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    Default Re: Is this okay? Oversupply?

    Yes, sounds like oversupply. Is she gaining a ton/week?

    If nursing lying down works best, there's no reason you can't do this all the time. A reclining position may work well too.


    I would also suggest more burping. Are you able to get the burps out? One of the best positions I"ve found was high-up on my shoulder. You may also want to try get the farts out too. There's lots of different positions for this. One of my friends used to sit her baby on her thigh, then drop his bum down a bit towards the floor, that was the best position for her to get the farts out.

    Your milk supply will adjust with time.

    Definately don't pump unless you have to.

    For now, I would also suggest nursing from only 1 breast/feeding.

    If she is gaining well over 6 oz/week, you may also want to think about block-feeding to reduce your supply help her get more hindmilk. The info for this is in the kellymom link above.

    Other than that, the Happiest Baby on the Block video has different soothing techniques. Swaddling worked great for us. YOu can also eliminate dairy from your diet to see if this makes a difference.
    Canadian mom and breastmilk fan.
    We have 2 beautiful children: Luana who's 9 y/o, had breastmilk for 2 years and is smart as a whip. Lucas who came out kickin', is 4 y/o and continues to enjoy his milkies.

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