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Thread: Reverse-cycling question

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    Default Reverse-cycling question

    So in preparation for returning to work next week (my LO will be 6 wks old), I've read the kellymom article on reverse cycling, so I'm prepared that LO may not consume as much milk during the day with the caregiver, but may nurse a bit when I get home. Am I right to assume that if that's the case, my LO will make sure he consumes enough when he nurses? I'll leave 1 to 1 1/2 oz of milk with the caregiver per hour I'm gone but if he doesn't consume all of it, I don't want to freak out and worry that he'll starve himself and/or drop weight.

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    yup give him some time to get adjusted to dcp also, he might not eat much the 1st few weeks but then as time goes on he might take more and thats ok too.

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