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Thread: Week Old Finger Fed Won't Latch

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    Angry Week Old Finger Fed Won't Latch

    Hey everyone
    I guess the title says it all. My little man was born last Tuesday. He latched well Tuesday, Wednesday and on Thursday he had lost too much weight. The hospital required that I finger feed him formula I finger fed formula Thursday, Friday. Saturday and Sunday it was a struggle to get him to latch

    Now he will only suck from a hard surface ie: finger, nipple shield, bottle (Which they introduced at the hospital, NOT my choice!!!)

    I'm really upset over it. Any ideas? He screams at the breast, kicks and flails his arms. He will latch sometimes, but then not suck or suck really lazily for a few seconds and pull off.

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    sorry you're having these problems... do you think he gets frustrated because there's no instant flow of milk? if so, you could try expressing a bit beforehand so that when he latches on the milk is flowing, he may then be happy to stay at the breast. Also, try anticipating when he is hungry, if he is desperate he won't have much patience. Lots of skin to skin will help as well.

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