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Thread: Forceful letdown?

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    Default Forceful letdown?

    My son is 1 month old today and our breastfeeding relationship so far has been great, until recently we've hit a little snag.

    Whenever I feed him on the right side (he usually eats only one side at a feeding), after about 30 seconds or a minute, he starts to scream and unlatches, and milk is "spraying" out of my breast (and then of course it goes all over his face, clothes, etc). This has been very frustrating for him, so I've been feeding on the left more often (which is starting to get a little sore) and trying to pump the right, not sure what I should do to keep it from spraying out on that side.

    I have plenty of milk and I am in school which requires that I be away from baby, so I try to get in 2 pumping sessions a day and don't want to scale those back unless necessary because when I go back to work I will need to pump and I'm wanting to build up a bit of a supply in case I run into issues then..

    any suggestions on what I can do about the spraying??

    thanks in advance!!

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    I'm a new bfeeding mom too - my son is almost 5 weeks old. I have a forceful letdown on my right side only...I can't feel when my milk lets down, but I can tell b/c my son starts chugging and gagging, so I now pull him off when that starts and catch the spray in a towel. He gets very impatient waiting to get back on, and sometimes it takes 30 seconds for the spray to stop. It's probably the most frustrating 30 seconds for him...then he re-latches very aggressively, probably a combination of anticipation of the forceful flow and eagerness to be nursing again. Needless to say, my right side produces more milk and is more sore, and now my son gets upset when the milk doesn't flow fast enough or the 2nd or 3rd letdowns aren't as forceful. I don't think there's a way to stop the forceful letdown, just have to find a way to manage it that works for you and baby.

    Good Luck

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