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Thread: Causes for Throwing Up

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    Default Causes for Throwing Up

    My 1.5 week old has started spitting/throwing up after feedings. Granted, it's only happened 3 times but it's been happening just about every other feeding. About 10 mins after we finish she throws up a good amount. It's not projectile, but it's a lot!

    I haven't really changed my diet other than I started drinking a cup of coffee in the morning starting Monday. Could the coffee do this to her? Or else, I've read that dairy may do it? Reflux? Just wondering what your guys thoughts are.

    My main concern is that she did it in her bassient during nap time yesterday and I didn't even know until I went to check on her and the sheet was wet. I'm worried that if she does it while sleeping she could choke!

    She's been having plenty of wet/dirty diapers and already had 2 wets and 1 dirty today. She nursed for a shorter amt of time this morning and only on one side instead of both sides like she has been doing.

    Again, any thoughts appreciated. I've had a lot to post about lately so I thank you guys for all your help!!

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    Default Re: Causes for Throwing Up

    Could you possibly have oversupply or an overactive let down of milk? http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html
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    I agree with oversupply or overactive letdown. Reflux would have a sour smell and make the baby uncomfortable. My son has reflux, as did my daughter, and they would writhe in pain, have a lot of smelly gas and spit up all the time, not just after feedings. My first step would be to take a look at your supply and letdown.
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    As long as she's not uncomfortable when spitting up, I'd guess that what you're seeing is normal, and just part of being a baby. The muscles that keep infant stomach contents down are still relatively weak, but they will strengthen in time.

    OALD, caffeine, or a dairy intolerance could be at fault. But it's not something you need to suspect right off the bat! One of the hardest things to do as a breastfeeding mom is to release the feeling that everything your baby does is somehow caused by something you did/didn't do/ate/didn't eat, etc.

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    Thanks for the quick responses! I was freaking out a little bit this morning but have calmed down. The Overactive Supply/Let Down may be happening... I'll pay more attention. She doens't really gag during nursing, but does pull off frequently and has been very gassy.

    A friend gave me some advice that makes sense as well - I may need to burp LO more often. Maybe a burp/gas bubble got stuck with the milk on top and when the burp came up the milk came with it.

    Thank you for the reassurance that it may not be something I'm doing, too. That really helps to hear

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    My DS is almost 5 weeks old and started spitting up when he was about 10 days old. It's almost always undigested milk, occasionally it's digested milk, and he does it all the time - sometimes even 3 or 4 times in a row during a feeding. My pediatrician told me that if he didn't seem like he was in pain while he was spitting up or right after, and as long as he was gaining weight, then it was just normal baby stuff and he would eventually outgrow it - it's just a huge mess right now. I keep him upright after feeding, but he still does it - even if it's an hour later.

    One thing my pediatrician told me that sort of eased my mind a little bit was that it always looks like more than it actually is. He told me to take a teaspoon of milk (or any fluid) and spill it on a shirt, or on the counter and to see how just a little teaspoon can look like a whole lot more when strewn about.

    We still haven't found a way to deal with the messiness of his spitting up - I'm a constant mess and I feel like I have to sponge bath him every time I change him...just one more thing to add to my agenda I suppose.

    Good Luck!

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    We had this problem when H was a week or 2 old. He would eat on one side, burp, and then eat on the other side and then throw up. and it seemed like a LOT. there were a few times that he did it while latched on and IT. WENT. EVERYWHERE. no fun. I can't even tell you how inconsolable i was at times about it. I was worried that I wasn't going to have enough milk for him because he was spitting it all up. I was worried that he was sick. I was worried that the reason he was sleeping so much was because he didn't have any energy to be awake because of all the throwing up. I thought it was because he wasn't burping enough even though he usually would burp after each side...

    anyway, I started limiting his feedings to 10 minutes on each side (they were 15 or 20) and the problem was resolved. Apparently when babies are overfed, they just tend to throw up (or "overflow") because literally they cannot hold any more milk.

    I hope that's helpful. Good luck. Let us know how it goes!
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    Default Re: Causes for Throwing Up

    What Jennygal said is right on about how it looks like a lot more than it is.

    DS1 spit up a lot no matter what we did. It didn't bother him, he had good diapers, was gaining weight well. He would projectile sometimes and other times it would just be small amounts every few minutes. We started putting a bib on him all the time so we didn't have to change him quite as much. As long as your LO doesn't seem to be suffering it is just a laundry issue.

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