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    while this sounds a little silly; I collect eeyores. I have one that is a stuffed animal and I leave it on my bed sometimes. One night I "woke up" in the night and was trying to put the eeyore doll in the bassinett.

    I tried looking for a mother's helper or something similar but I couldn't really find anything in my area. I finally gave in the other day and asked a girl I know to come over and help me. She isn't really helpful with the kid part, she plays with my 3 year old sometimes but isn't really hands on, but she helped me get some stuff done housework wise. Gosh it was nice. My 3 y o is going through kind of a "mean" phase so I am afraid to take him to play with other kids. He isn't mean on purpose he is just rough. He also started biting me recently and I'm afraid he will bite someone else. My dh is away at school right now so I am getting a glimpse of what the next year will be like. wow am i gonna be alone! good thing for message boards huh!?!
    thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I hadn't got to read any lately with dh being gone I haven't had a break. i am looking into a new sling though so thanks.

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    I can completely relate,
    My Lo is six months old and I still have overwhelming periods. I am a full time nurse and mother. My husband is wonderful, and currently unemployed so he can help around the house. And is STILL is overwhelming. Just remember to take time for yourself. And it will get better. Remember if your baby cries, go and lay him down. Watch some tv for ten minutes, lay down close your eyes for ten minutes, or read a book. It still takes me a week to do a load of laundry too. You will be ok.


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    I agree with so many of the pp and I understand how you feel. I only have 1 LO that is 6 weeks old now and I wonder when I get a free moment if it is better to eat, sleep or attempt to shower. In the end, I take the free moment to clean up and wash bottles. I wish you the best and please know you are not alone - we are all crying and sighing with you.
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    Just another poster letting you know that you're not alone! I can't tell you that it will get better soon b/c I have a 7 month old and it yet to get better for me (in the sleep department). I can say, though, that your body adjusts to the lack of sleep. I would have never imagined I could function on how little sleep I get but I do and most days my mind will even work too! Deep down you know you simply don't have any other choice so you keep plugging along.

    I agree with all the PPs. Get yourself a sling! I wish I had and will definitely get one if DH and I have another child. Also, in the early weeks we ate off of paper plates. It helped us keep the day-to-day kitchen maintanence down. I know that your family is far away but could someone (maybe your mom) fly in for a few days to help get your house in order and give you a breather?

    Hang in there!

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