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    I have a 4 wk old who has had white milk residue stained on her tongue since day 4. Is this normal? I clean her mouth daily with wet wash cloth but it doesn't seem to help.


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    It sounds pretty normal to me, but a white tongue can indicate thrush.

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    My babe has ALWAYS had a white tongue. My pediatrician told me that breast milk tends to stick to the tongue and not to worry because it was very normal. He said both his two girls had white tongues when they were being nursed

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    hi, went to see dr for dd on a different issue, and the dr, said that she had thrush with her white tongue, i thought that was normal but he said that thrush does stick to the tongue, and since my breasts hurt all the time that it is thrush, so he prescribed nysatin for both of us. I was on antibitiocs and i believe that may have killed the good bacteria.
    so if your breasts are not hurting/painful i would say there is nothing to worry about

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