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Thread: Not sure what this means...

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    Unhappy Not sure what this means...

    Not sure what my 14 month old is wanting , the last few days she comes up pats my chest, gets her nursing pillow and brings it to me, lifts my shirt and even then when I go to nurse her she cries loudly and puts her arms out like she wants something. I don't know what to do she has a sensitive stomache still and is a bird when it comes to solid foods so she is getting most of her nutrition from me still and I just dunno what this means. I am upset she is upset! If anyone can give me a clue it would help, I do know she likes distractions and not sure if that is what it is or not and I felt those back molars have poked through on top of her gums
    THANK YOU!!!

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    It sounds as though her teeth are hurting her.
    I have always been told that the molars hurt worse than the other teeth, but don't know if that is true or not.

    Have you tried giving her anything for the pain, just to see if that helps her be able to nurse?
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    anybody else in the family sick?
    maybe her throat is sore?
    runny nose?

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    What about ears? Any chance she has an ear infection and it hurts when she nurses?

    Hang in there.

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    I vote Teeth. Sometimes when kids lay flat their teeth hurt worse. Try nursing her at more of an incline. So she is closer to sitting up.

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    I give her orajel with one of those things you put on your finger to clean their gums with so I get it on there good and pain reliever, she is still actin this way and I have tried distractions it has helped some I think it might be teeth and hopefully not a weaning I'm lucky to get her to eat a six ounce jar of food a day s that wouldn't be good I do know she has both sides the points are through cuz she bit my finger hard so maybe the pain will subside now

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