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Thread: Thrush?

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    I have been battling something, not sure what. My areolas are red and dry. Initially I had red marks from a poor latch (board cert. LC addressed the issue). As I worked on my lo's latch, which improved, the redness got worse. The doctor's office called in a RX for Nystatin. I have seen little to no improvement. They are especially red after he nurses. Anyone have a similar experience?

    I'm not feeling any pain. They can be itchy, but not always. LO doesn't have any white patches.

    I just want to get over this bump and have normal looking areolas again.

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    Thrush can be hard to identify, if that's what it is. It could also be some other type of skin irritation (dermatitis, eczema?). Did your doctor prescribe treatment for both you and your baby? If your doctor thinks it's thrush, then your baby needs to be treated even if he has no symptoms or else it could be passed back to you when he nurses.

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