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Thread: Help-baby just feeding for 10 minutes

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    Default Help-baby just feeding for 10 minutes

    Hi I was wondering if I should worry that my little girl only feeds for 10 minutes during her night feedings...She nurses at around 8 Pm then sleeps until 12:30 nurses for about 10 minutes and wakes up again at 4. Again a 10 minutes feed and sleeps until 6:30. Then she nurses about every hour. I try waking her up during the night feedings for her to feed some more but she is so far gone that her body curls up like a little shrimp and her arms are limp...What should I do?

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    How old is your lo?
    Have you been keeping track of how many wet and dirty diapers your lo has?
    How has your los weight gain been?
    Does your lo always nurse for only 10 minutes or is this just at night?
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    Smile Re: Help-baby just feeding for 10 minutes

    I don't have much experience since I'm just nursing my first baby - she's two and a half months old. But I don't think she's ever nursed for more than 10 minutes at a time! Our feeding schedule sounds a lot like yours -short and frequent feedings - and she's gained weight fantastically all the way. So if you don't have any other concerns, I'd say don't worry be happy!

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    sorry i have omitted some really important information. She is 11 weeks today. She was born at 6lbs. 10 oz and had lost 400g the first few days. She now weighs almost 13lbs at 2 months and three weeks. She had steadily been gaining 39g a day about. During the day she feeds for more than 10 minutes per feeding, but at night if we reach 10 minutes its a lot...Sometimes after 5 minutes she is done and gone to sleepy land. I am happy to see that i am not the only one whose baby only feeds 10 minutes at night....And the worse is that I can't even wake her up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*feedingmama27 View Post
    And the worse is that I can't even wake her up.
    Best you post this here, and not in the Sleep--or lack of it! forum 'A couple' mums have an entirely different problem with sleep and babies Anyway, my point is to count your blessings!

    Weight gain is an okay way to gauge in input, but it can be troublesome if you don't have access to the same scale very frequently or your baby didn't read the manual on how much weight to gain at what rate. The home standard is to count nappy output:
    For 6wks+

    Count, then you'll know for certain! I kept a checklist on the nursing table since I was there often enough

    In general, it's not advised to wake sleeping babies unless medically indicated. If LO is making her nappy output, then you can trust her to signal you by sleeping long stretches that she is getting enough.

    Breast compressions can help when LO is popping on and off the breast more quickly than you'd like:
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