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Thread: Worried about supply and supplementing

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    Default Worried about supply and supplementing

    I have a 3 week old -she was born at 37 wks with scheduled csection bc
    of placenta previa. She was 6 lbs 1 oz at birth and went down to
    5lb8oz at 1 wk up to 5lb10oz at wk 2 and was only gaining 1/3 oz per
    day so the lactation consultant I met with suggested supplementing so
    I've given her a few bottles a day since friday and yesterday she was
    up to 6lb2oz.

    But I want to try and get my supply up. *When I pump I only get about
    an ounce. *And bf problem is that baby doesn't do that strong active
    sucking long enough - she tires out. Other times she feeds n feeds but
    never seems satisfied but if I give her a bottle she sucks down 2oz
    and is so content. *I want her to continue to gain but hope to get
    bfing to go better wo having to use formula - any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Worried about supply and supplementing

    Weighing and amounts pumped are not very accurate as to how much you're producing. As long as baby is gaining weight, is growing, and has enough wet/dirty diapers per day. It is completely normal for newborns to want to be at the breast what seems like 24-7. They tend to drink more from bottles vs. breast because it's easier, which may be why she tires quicker. Personally, I'd stick to mostly breast (all if possible) so that she gets the latch/suckle down and not tempt nipple confusion.
    If it seems like she wants to constantly be at the breast as if she never "fills up", she may be doing so to stimulate your body to increase it's supply because she may be getting ready to go through a growth spurt. One occurs at around 4wks of age. Plus, being on the breast provides them with comfort and security, now and later on
    I would try to hold of on supplementing for now just because it's still early on so your body probably hasn't completely adjusted to producing what your LO needs. Right now it's all about supply & demand. If need be, there are herbal things to increase your supply, eating oatmeal, etc. just make sure you are eating and drinking enough water and getting plenty of rest. Stress can decrease your supply. So try to just relax and enjoy this bonding time.
    Hang in there mama! Seems like you are doing a great job.
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