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Thread: terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

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    Default terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

    For the last few days, about 30 minutes after nursing and even after pumping, my left breast has sharp, shooting pains. It's worse if I touch or rub them. A few weeks ago, I had a milk blister but that seems to have cleared up. I don't feel any blocked ducts, the nipple is sensitive, but I don't notice anything strange looking about it. I have had thrush before (with my first baby) and I don't think that's what this is. But, man, it's killing me! It's a nerve pain that feels like daggers or needles going through my nipple deep into the breast tissue. Any thoughts on what it is and more importantly, how I can make it go away? Thanks mamas!

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    Default Re: terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

    I hate to say it, but my first instinct is "thrush." It's kind of my go-to when I hear that a mom has pain after nursing. Especially shooting pain.

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    Default Re: terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

    this might be helpful:


    I took any pain breast or nipple as a good excuse to slow down and rest.

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    Default Re: terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

    Sounds exactly how I felt when I had it. Call your OB or Midwife. They can prescribe Diflucan or there are some natural ways at treating it. I found that only the Diflucan worked for me. I was pain free 3 days into the treatment. Also observe your LO for signs of thrush as well. The LC that I saw recommended that I treat my LO with Nystatin, it caused horrible gas and fussiness so I stopped, but he never really developed any symptoms.
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    Default Re: terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

    Thrush is the usual--but does it have any correlation to cold temperatures? Do your hands, nose or feet get cold easily? It could be Raynaud's phenomenon, which I have. My daughter didn't have any oral white patches, and my nipples looked reddish but not characteristically yeast-y. Nonetheless I was treated for yeast and it didn't really get better. I noticed shooting pains and pain like broken glass from nursing and from temperature changes: going into the refrigerated section of the grocery, a cold finger of air coming in from the window at night, etc. I already knew I had Raynaud's in my hands, nose and feet but bfing mothers can get it in the nipples too. The heat of baby's mouth and then a cool room can cause vasospasm. I also noticed alarming nipple blanching in the bathroom mirror while undressing for the shower. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere and it's winter temperatures this could be another possibility. It's easier to treat than thrush


    The last link (Pediatrics article) has the diagnostic criteria for Raynaud's of the nipple. My ob-gyn and GP were befuddled when I said nursing was painful, and getting cold was too. But the LC caught on right away and asked if I had Raynaud's. I never knew it could affect the nipples. Anyway, another possibility to look at with your HCP. If you suspect Raynaud's then bring in the article because your HCP might not know what to do.

    The good news is staying warm is the fix. I have a polarfleece pyjama and wear warm clothes all day. There's no pain at all when I'm warm Last year when I began bfing I noticed a hot shower to heat me up provided immediate relief. Try staying warm and see if that helps. There are herbs people take for Raynaud's that are compatible with bfing, Kellymom has the info. But I just stay warm with clothing and it works, no side effects or milk transfer.
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    Ouch! Is it thrush or Raynaud's phenomenon?

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    Default Re: terrible shooting pain 30 m. after nursing

    I have been having the same thing so did a ton of research on it. I read it can be from your breast or breasts refilling with milk. It usually goes away after you have been nursing a long time but not always. My pain is normally the worst when my breast is more empty - like after pumping or when my LO nurses really well/a long time.

    I dont have any symptoms of thrush, mastitis or vasospasm, so I've told myself that its probably just the refilling.

    Hope you figure it out!
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