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Thread: Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

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    Default Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

    My LO is almost 17 months old and we still bf at naps/bedtime. Lately I've been having trouble getting her to unlatch. She sleeps in her own crib and I usually rock her/nurse her about 10 minutes and then she falls asleep in her crib. However, now she's been refusing to unlatch and she's holding me there hostage. When I tell her it's time for night night, she shakes her head no (with my nipple still in her mouth) and refuses to release me. She's got teeth too so I can't just pull it out of her mouth. Eventually she'll let me go but I'd like to be the one that tells her when it's time for sleep and not the other way around. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

    I can generally coax Lulu (20mo) to let go. Sometimes when push comes to shove, I poke my pinky in there just like when she was a newborn. Generally, she will let go though, but she does the same thing occasionally. Usually when she's being cute.

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    Default Re: Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

    Yes I do the push a finger in and pry my nipple out too. But I'm more likely to wait until my dd is asleep and then either pry or pull my nipple out. Not the best answer but what I have had to do. My dd is 13mos.

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    Default Re: Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

    One fun thing to do is to say a word she knows and then she de-latches to repeat it and gives me enough time to pull my shirt down/bra up. Otherwise, yeah the finger in the mouth is getting harder with many teeth in. But if I say "oh dear" she'll want to repeat it...delatch "oh dear" and then is happy she said something.
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