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Thread: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

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    Regularly (non pregnant or nursing) I suffer from Vertigo very rarely. When I do get vertigo (non pregnant or nursing) I took magnesium supplements and it usually went away very quickly.

    However, I recently began feeling seriously dizzy (room spinning- eye shifting dizzy- without nausea). My baby is 7 months old and we are exclusively breastfeeding. I looked all over the internet for an answer and it seems that many Mom's are having this unexplained dizzyness. Its so horrible, the only thing that helped was just lying in bed with my eyes closed. I also had extreme fatigue and a low milk supply. I felt like there was no hope. I didn't have anemia or diagnosed vertigo or an inner ear infection either. It seems that as usual the doctors had no idea what was wrong. I just wanted some relief and to feel better.

    While frantically searching for an answer I came across an article that discussed B12 levels in nursing women. They said that low levels of B12 can cause anemic like symptoms (dizzyness, fatigue low milk supply, etc.). Long story short, I ran to whole foods and got sublingual B12 500mcg. After the first dose I felt my energy returning after the 2nd dose my dizziness was relieved and after the first 2 days completely gone! And as an added bonus my little one must have been feeling the benefits of this supplement because she slept peacefully. In the article it also discussed that with nursing mothers who may be deficient in B12, the baby has a hard time producing melatonin thus effecting their ability to sleep soundly. So, who would have thought that I had a B12 deficiency?! It didn't come up on the blood tests. This might not be the case for everyone- but I wanted to post it for some of you moms who are dizzy and have absolutely no idea why. Hope this helps and feel better soon!
    Is B12 safe? I had the dizzy and cloudy headed feeling while nursing my first baby, and now, nursing my newborn, it has returned. I'm wondering if I should just try some B12 to see if that helps, but is it safe to do so without consulting a doc or pharmasist?

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    I got this way 4 months postpartum with my 1st son. I chalked it up to him not sleeping well at night & me being sleep deprived but I've recently started getting like this again-- I am 19 weeks postpartum. With my 1st son, I'm not sure which came 1st, the lightheadedness and then anxiety, or anxiety and then lightheadedness. But it got so severe I had to start taking ativan and stopped bfing. I'm hoping it doesn't get that bad again Maybe I will start trying the B12
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