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Thread: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

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    I had a full thyroid test the t3 t4 they said it looked great.. I'm wondering if there's a way to check hormones.. I have an apt. W my doc. Aug. 6 th and was going to ask about that. Sometimes another thing I feel is that I swallowed a big pill and it's stuck in my throat.. It happen the past 2 days and it stayed there. Thankfully that part is gone but I'm still dealing with this constant lightheadedness and heart racing.. I'm out on disability from work because of it. I've had MRI, EEG, ct, chest X-rays, ton of blood work, echo/stress test. I am currently now wearing a heart monitor but every other test has come back great.. I know having a baby and breastfeeding can really screw with your hormones but idk what to do.. I don't want to stop breastfeeding I wanted to go to a year and my son is 9 months now.. But I'm beginning to think its the only thing I haven't tried.. Because this lightheadedness is keeping me from doing so much.. It's like all I can do is lay here all day. It's hard to take care of my 9 month old and my daughter who will be 5 next month. any suggestions from anyone would be great.
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    Do you mean it FEELS like you swallowed a pill when you actually have not swallowed a pill? That sounds like how GERD sometimes feels to me.

    Have you been checked for Epstein/Barr, Infections such as hepatitis, ms, anxiety, sleep apnea? "Lightheadedness" covers a huge area of possibilities...

    As far as this: I
    know having a baby and breastfeeding can really screw with your hormones but idk what to do..
    Pregnancy and breastfeeding are normal biological activities that women are made to do. Yes, it affects us hormonally, and how, but it's all normal from a biological standpoint. NOT nursing/weaning abruptly causes hormonal issues that are outside the biological norm.

    You can have hormone levels like progesterone tested and you could take hormonal supplements but I have no idea if that would help.

    I suggest, if you do not want to wean unnecesarily, to talk to a lactation consultant about the hormones involved in breastfeeding, I am afraid most doctors in this situation would simply suggest weaning esp. if you brought it up just to see if it does anything.

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    Unhappy Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Yes I meant FEELS like. That comes and goes. But as for getting tested I guess ms is tested my giving an MRI and I've had that and it came back great.. The ent I went to said it is probably anxiety.. But idk I really didn't believe him because I've never had problems with anxiety in the past and I never thought that this lightheaded dizziness feeling would last this long... Not only that but plenty of doctors always say that people are always going to throw anxiety out there when maybe that's not the problem.. So I've never believed it when people say anxiety.. Also the ent said he couldn't help me as long as I'm breastfeeding because of the medications I can't take (if it's anxiety). Even the neurologist I went to told me to stop breastfeeding or come back when I'm done so he can help me.. Ya he was a jerk.. But I'm assuming he wanted to put me on some anxiety meds too.. I've just never wanted to sacrifice breastfeeding for meds.. Right now all I take is meclazine but it does not help with the lightheadedness... I'm doing all I can to keep up the breastfeeding but I feel like I'm running out of options it's hard

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    I agree that doctors throw anxiety in as a catch all which is why I mentioned viral possibilities and other ideas. I have had to diagnose myself twice in my life with physical issues my doctors could not find a cause to, once, decades ago, it was unexplained exhaustion which turned out to be due to a viral infection, and when I was first pregnant 9 years ago I had to repeatedly demand to be properly tested for hcp (cholestasis of pregnancy) which I had and unfortunately have again. So I get not being happy with the doctor's take on things. But, just in my personal experience, FYI, I had a terrible experience about a year ago with feeling my heart racing, lightheadedness and as if I would pass out-for some reason it happened alot at traffic lights or when I was driving which was really scary-but it also happened any time-and in my case it absolutely was anxiety. I decided to not take meds, I started exercising regularly (just walking) and took care of the life issues that were causing the anxiety and it went away.

    As far as the meds-call the folks at www.infantrisk.org for ACCURATE info on what you can take and not take medication wise when breastfeeding. You absolutely can be treated for almost anything while nursing.

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    Hi Nicole, what you describe sounds very similar to what I went through when I was first diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease). I had heart palpitations during which my heart would race in my throat and I would get dizzy and "go white" for a couple seconds, very scary. I had all kinds of heart tests done and wore a holter monitor and they could never find anything. Did the doctor prescribe you beta blockers to help with those episodes you are having? There are several that are safe with breastfeeding.

    I also had the swallowed pill feeling which was actually an enlarged thyroid, or goiter. Did the endocrinologist confirm your thyroid was of normal size? What was your TSH level and did they test for antibodies? Do a thyroid uptake scan?

    Once my thyroid was regulated the palpitations went away. My cardiologist did say palpitations are often related to hormones, so I would definitely explore that angle. I hope you are able to find someone to help you.

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    Well I will definitely look more into anxiety.. Because before this was consistent lightheadedness I would get that way driving sometimes.. I can drive now haven't for 2 months because of this.. And also my TSH level was 0.686. I have not seen an endocrinologist but I did want to ask my doc. About seeing one. I haven't had the scan either but it seems like when I have a really bad day of the lightheadedness and heart racing that's when I get that feeling of something stuck in my throat and it lasts a day or two and goes away but comes back when I have another bad day... But the lightheadedness is aaaalways there it just gets even worse and lightens up a little throughout the day. But it's very scary I think I'm going to pass out all the time but never really have.

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    A lot of people say that normal TSH is in the range of 0.5-5.0. Other people say 0.3-3.0. Either way, your TSH sounds like it's borderline low, which would indicate That you're at least edging towards hyperthyroidism. And if it's something like Hashimoto's, the hyper/hypo cycling can apparently be fquite ast, which means that one blood test could miss the "bad" numbers. I'd definitely talk to an endocrinologist about that possibility.
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    Well I had a second test done. That one was at the hospital 2 months ago. A few weeks ago I got it tested again.. Didn't get the exact numbers from that one but my primary doc. Tested the free t3 and free t4 and they just told me it was okay but maybe I will look into seeing an endocrinologist and also look more into anxiety..

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    I was just looking into a condition called POTS. I had a doctor mention that when I was in the hospital but I was never diagnosed with it. Has anyone ever suffered from pots? How did u find that was the problem? And does it ever go away??

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    Regularly (non pregnant or nursing) I suffer from Vertigo very rarely. When I do get vertigo (non pregnant or nursing) I took magnesium supplements and it usually went away very quickly.

    However, I recently began feeling seriously dizzy (room spinning- eye shifting dizzy- without nausea). My baby is 7 months old and we are exclusively breastfeeding. I looked all over the internet for an answer and it seems that many Mom's are having this unexplained dizzyness. Its so horrible, the only thing that helped was just lying in bed with my eyes closed. I also had extreme fatigue and a low milk supply. I felt like there was no hope. I didn't have anemia or diagnosed vertigo or an inner ear infection either. It seems that as usual the doctors had no idea what was wrong. I just wanted some relief and to feel better.

    While frantically searching for an answer I came across an article that discussed B12 levels in nursing women. They said that low levels of B12 can cause anemic like symptoms (dizzyness, fatigue low milk supply, etc.). Long story short, I ran to whole foods and got sublingual B12 500mcg. After the first dose I felt my energy returning after the 2nd dose my dizziness was relieved and after the first 2 days completely gone! And as an added bonus my little one must have been feeling the benefits of this supplement because she slept peacefully. In the article it also discussed that with nursing mothers who may be deficient in B12, the baby has a hard time producing melatonin thus effecting their ability to sleep soundly. So, who would have thought that I had a B12 deficiency?! It didn't come up on the blood tests. This might not be the case for everyone- but I wanted to post it for some of you moms who are dizzy and have absolutely no idea why. Hope this helps and feel better soon!

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