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Thread: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

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    Default Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Has anyone else ever experienced dizziness while exclusively breastfeeding? I've been having this and really odd symptoms for the last month.

    At first I would get a dizzy spell every now and then...maybe once or twice per day but now it is all of the time. Its not a true vertigo either although I've had vertigo a time or two while in the middle of a feeding. It feels more like a light headed spaced out feeling.

    At first I thought it was related to my ears because they ring a little but now I am wondering if it is related to hormones. I felt similar to this during the first trimester and I've gotten small dizzy spells before my period my whole life. Also I started losing that beautiful thick pregnancy hair about the same time this all started. And last week I got my first post pregnancy period.

    I've gone to the doctors 3X in the last month. So far they say they don't know. My bloodwork is normal (glucose, thyroid, blood cell count, etc) and so is my blood pressure. I drink lots of fluids, eat healthy and take vitamins. I had a hearing test and that was normal. My sinus' were scoped and they are normal too. I go for a balance test next month. I just think all of this is going to turn up nothing and I feel like I am spinning my wheels.

    I am just getting so depressed over this because I see no end in sight. I really want to enjoy this time of my life but I feel there is a black cloud over everything because I am constantly dizzy.

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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    I was going to say either iron, thyroid or dehydration but if you've tested all

    There has to be something going on, breastfeeding alone wouldn't cause these symptoms. Are you eating enough? Are you on hormonal birth control?

    There must be more things they can test. Or maye re-test in case of a false negative?

    I hope you figure this out!
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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Thanks babylove. Just looking at my blood work....I don't think they tested iron levels directly. I'll call the doc tomorrow to ask about that. I was thinking of asking them to test B12 too. I am not taking any birth control at the moment but considering it to see if it fixes the situation by regulating the hormones better. I drink tons of water all day and normally have clear or pale urine (sorry if TMI)....but I will add more and see if it helps.

    So far the only thing that helps is taking ativan....and I think it only helps me because it slows down my brain or something. The doc gave me a very low dose to help with the spinning feeling. I don't take it every day...just when I am feeling extra spinning. I hate the idea of taking medicine because I know it goes to my little guy (even the point 1% that goes to the milk bothers me).

    I keep hoping it will go away as quick as it came on. I am just praying it is related to hormone changes and will go away once they settle again.

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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Def be careful with the ativan, it just masks the dizziness, doesn't treat it. You should be instructed to stop taking it at least a few days before your balance test, whenever that is, so as to not affect the results and have it look like there's nothing out of whack when there might be.
    I agree with PP, make sure you're eating right, drinking water, etc. If it is a true internal balance problem, they'll find it on the balance test. I'm an audiologist, do those tests as part of my job, so if you have any questions afterwards please feel free to PM me. Definitely ask if there are any facilities offering vestibular rehab in your area, if the audiologist you see thinks you could benefit from it.
    There is no established relationship between normal hormonal cycles and balance problems in the literature that I know of, so your tests may come back normal. Many tests are just to rule things out anyway, ya know? The fact that you've been dizzy around your period your whole life does sound like it could be iron/anemia related but I really don't know much about it.
    Hope you get some answers soon!!
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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    I've been having that too. It's odd! Like how you've described it. I've never had vertigo, so I don't know what that feels like. But there are times when I'm nursing, where I can sort of feel a little spinny, my head gets heavy, I just close my eyes. I've also had little dizzy spells while not nursing. They only last a moment, maybe one "full turn" if that makes sense.

    I haven't been checked out because I hadn't thought much of it. But your post sounds way too familiar. My DD2 will be 4 months in 9 days. I too drink lots of water and still take my daily prenatal vitamins. Oh, and my period came back today.

    Maybe I should get checked.
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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Thank you.
    I trust things age getting better for you mikeymay. We have been breastfeeding exclusively as well and each time I've experienced a possible problem, I can get frustrated.
    good luck

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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Thanks so much for all of the feedback! I am still suffering with this and it's good to know I am not alone.

    As for the balance part...I don't really feel off balance. I can walk a straight line and I've tried many tests on myself and that seems to be working ok. To manomeesmommy thanks for the info. I don't take the ativan everyday just when I feel really bad...it helps with the anxiety of all of this too. The test I am going for is called an ENT.

    I just feel so off and light headed..sort of foggy. The dizzy spells are sort of like amysmom said it is like a half spin. I've also noticed they get worse as the day progresses. The morning is better than the afternoon and usually by the evening I feel a little better again....but its ALWAYS there.

    I am really getting sad and trying to think positive but its so hard. I had a rough pregnancy (bad morning sickness and emergency gall bladder surgery @ 5months) and a tough delivery (emergency c-section). I was so happy that breastfeeding was going so well and for the first 3 months of my son's life I thought it couldn't get any better. I was the happiest Ive ever been! Now I am just a mess and scared this is sending me into depression.

    It really helps to know I am not alone in this. So those that have experienced this is it still happening? Have you been able to do anything to help cope?

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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    I was thinking dehydration too but sounds like you drink plenty of fluids. I myself drink a ton of water. I was getting dizzy spells a lot when I was pregnant and the doctor recommended I drink more Gatorade instead of just water - and it actually really helped. Try drinking Gatorade a few times a day in place of water and see if that makes a difference??
    Maybe too much water makes you blood sugar temporarily dip, or maybe there is extra stuff in Gatorade that helps the dizzyness.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    Has anyone found a solution to this lightheaded dizziness problem?? My son is 9 months now and I've had this problem ongoing for almost 2 months and it's making me crazy.. Ive had test after test after test.... U name it.. Everything is coming back normal. I have seen ent's neurologist cardiologist.. Been to primary tons of times all blood work is normal. I am still exclusively breastfeeding and wondering if it has something to do with it.. I wake up n go to sleep lightheaded dizzy feeling I think I have anxiety from it because my heart starts to race and I start to shake. It's getting really depressing not knowing what's wrong it feels like I'm going to live the rest of my life this way.. So if ANYONE has a solution or an idea PLEASE let me know!

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    Default Re: Lightheaded and Dizzy 4 months post partum

    My first thought was dehydration, thyroid, or iron as well. But you're obviously not dehydrated! Your thyroid and iron are "normal" as well. Do you know where they fall in the normal range? It's possible that your levels could still technically be normal, but you're sensitive enough to them that "low normal" is "too low" for you. At least, that's what one doctor told me.

    Personally, my dizziness is almost always related to congestion or asthma. My asthma is really mild, to the point where my only symptom is the dizziness. Maybe it would be worthwhile to have a lung function test?

    What about your potassium levels? Are they okay? Low potassium can lead to dizziness. Low sodium can too.

    Good luck getting it all sorted out!
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