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Thread: Right breast nearly "dried up"

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    Default Right breast nearly "dried up"

    I am successfully breastfeeding a 4mo old beautiful baby girl. She is very healthy, gaining well, feeds every 4-6 hours. Sleeps through the night most of the time.
    My dh got us (only he & I) a 4 day trip for my birthday. This is to be taken the 1st wk in Dec. I have started pumping in order to save up EBM. I am familiar with pumping as I worked full time w/ my 1st child & breastfed exclusively for 14 mos until he self weaned.
    However, when I pump, I am getting next to nothing from the right breast. Barely 1 oz all day vs. 3 oz from left breast. I am just pumping after she feeds. It doesn't surprise me that I am getting less, as she has always preferred the left breast & the right has always just felt like nothing is in there! It does surprise me that I'm getting next to nothing.
    Would you worry about this too much? Should I just go with it? Should I try to pump the right twice as long? Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Right breast nearly "dried up"

    hi there and welcome to the forum!

    i'm just like you except with the opposite breast...my right side produces way more than my left. when i pump, i also get the same results...left side is much less than the right side. i wouldn't worry about it at all. i typically start nursing my dd on my left side and let her "finish" that side before offering the right side. i think pumping your right side longer may help...but don't expect to even out anytime soon. there are a lot of lop-sided nursing mothers out there!

    have fun on your 4-day trip!
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    Default Re: Right breast nearly "dried up"

    I don't think you need to worry about it. As the PP said, MANY nursing moms are quite lopsided. One breast may also let down easier, making pumping easier on that side. Happy nursing!

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    Default Re: Right breast nearly "dried up"

    Same with me. My left breast is the gusher. DD prefers that side. But I feed her on both sides. When she is biting me I pump milk and the bottle on the left side always fills up faster than the right. Sometimes hardly anything comes out so I only get one bottle instead of two.

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