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Thread: At the end of my rope...baby won't latch and just fusses at breast

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    Default At the end of my rope...baby won't latch and just fusses at breast

    My three week old daughter has now been latching to the breast sucking until letdown and then pulling off and screaming. I believe this is due to an oversupply, so this afternoon I tried the biological nurturing position and she cannot latch like that it about kills my already sore nipples! She can't get her mouth opened wide enough to get a deep enough latch as it is and I am beginning to think she may actually be tongue tied because her tongue makes a heart shape when she lifts it and she does not stick her tongue out past her lips. Will see dr about tongue tie, but what to do in the meantime???

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    Default Re: At the end of my rope...baby won't latch and just fusses at breast

    Phone your doctor tomorrow and tell them it's urgent, hopefully they can fit you in ASAP. Definately sounds like tongue-tie. It's also possible your doctor may not have the expertise to clip tongues. So you can also phone around to the lactation consultants in your area to ask who can clip tongues.


    In the meantime, here's a couple latch techniques that may help you get a deeper latch. I had the best luck with the flipple technique. As I was latching DS on, I pushed down gently on his lower jaw with my breast, to help it open wider.


    http://www.breastfeedingmadesimple.c...atedlatch.html (animation)
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