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Thread: nursing while lying down

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    Question nursing while lying down


    What age is appropriate to start feedings while lying down w/ your baby?

    My son is almost 2 weeks old. I haven't tried it yet because he's so small. What age did you try feedings in this position?

    Thanks for your input!

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    you can try it at any age. it can be a little more difficult with a newborn because they are just learning how to nurse (as is mom sometimes). give it a try and see if she takes to it or not. i always nurse side lying from day one because it is much easier for cosleeping.
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    You can start at any age. With DS we didn't master the position until he was about 4 months old. It can be a little difficult until you both have gotten good at achieving a good latch and your LO has some more head control. That said, I started nursing DD laying down our first night together in the hospital. I think it helped that she was a bigger baby and I was experienced with nursing.

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    The lc at the hospital where my ds was born was going to teach us side lying but we ended up going home before she got back to us. We figured it out though and its such a life saver!
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