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Thread: a "chicken or egg" question

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    Default a "chicken or egg" question

    How do we know if my supply dropped because of the reappearance of AF yesterday (BOO), or a supply drop caused AF to return?

    In the past 2 weeks, we've had some awful teething (fingers are always being chewed vigorously), a yucky cold, and some routine disruptions. She hasn't been nursing as much, nor eating as much solids. We just really started solids around a year, by this I mean a few cheerios, a chunk of apple, etc. She is not replacing nursing with more food, in fact all but two cheerios were on the floor this morning.

    I doubt she's self weaning, right? She is 13.5 months. We did just switch to all night bedsharing, but I doubt she's nursing so much at night that she's not nursing as much during the day, or is she? I like that I can let her nurse without having to get up/wakeup all the way, but kinda wish I could keep better track of it. Hmm....

    I need to go, and this is probably going to suffer from a lack of editing. LMK if it doesn't make sense or isn't clear.

    For those of you who did get a bigggg supply drop with AF, how long does it take to bounce back? This drop is scary!
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    Default Re: a "chicken or egg" question

    AF is a pain in the butt. It's been my experience that the supply drop only lasts a couple of days.
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