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Thread: Don't want to wean, but I can't keep weight on..

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    Default Re: Don't want to wean, but I can't keep weight on..

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jbean1979 View Post
    mama, you're doing the right thing. I am in exactly the same boat. I started out smaller than you PP, but am the same size now, and am about ten pounds lighter than my PP weight.

    One thing that I really don't find helpful is when I worry and people say "oh, i wish i had that problem. oh, must suck to be so skinny, yadayadayada."

    And the truth is, what's a healthy weight for one person who's 5'1" is not a healthy weight for another. We are all structurally different - i'm very muscular and I look too skinny when i get around 100. I actually look best when i'm about 115, no matter what any chart says.

    And really, it's not about a number, it's about the anxiety it causes that you just can't keep weight on. I get that - because it's not natural to be dropping weight so quickly. It doesn't feel healthy. My Dad told me I looked like i was wasting away and my husband asked me where my butt went.
    I was that way with MK. My doctor said that she was literally eating me to death. But she also knew that I wasn't going to stop. For me, I dropped down to 104 pounds and am happy at 115 and was 125 pre-baby. The charts had me underweight, but more importantly I looked terrible. I had sunken eyes, my skin hung on me and my hair was falling out. But I didn't want to stop nursing until my daughter was ready. I think because of the weight loss and stress, my milk took a huge dive and she eventually weaned out of frustration. But it was on her terms, not mine. And I quickly gained weight after that.
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    Default Re: Don't want to wean, but I can't keep weight on..

    adding extra calories with little debbies is understandable b/c you're a nurse working long shifts, but you have got to make it a priority to PACK FOODS! fatty, high cal/carb foods likek the ones mentioned by all the others so far.

    don't stop! you certainly don't have to at this point, and if you don't WANT to.. then don't! you can do this.
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