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Thread: Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs ok during BF?

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    Question Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs ok during BF?

    Is it ok to swim in hot tubs and swimming pools while BF? I was wondering if the chemicals would be bad for my nipples and even get into the milk openings??
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    Default Re: Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs ok during BF?

    Everything I have ever read and/or heard has stated that they are both perfectly safe (and encouraged ) I went swimming A LOT both summers that I nursed my first and hot tubbed many many times too.
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    Default Re: Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs ok during BF?

    I've done both, several times with no ill effects. My ds LOVES swimming pools and I bathe him after so I've never had any issues with the chemicals and his skin either.
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