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    Hi moms. So on Sunday we were on the road a lot and I didn't pump or nurse for 10 hours. Bad idea, I know - I'm new at this. I came home and pumped a lot out. Since then, I've tried to go back to a normal schedule, but my breasts feel painful and too full all the time, even with regular feedings. They fill back up fast and are sore and full and firm. I wonder if I irritated them Sunday and now oversupply is making it worse. I don't see any redness and don't have a fever, so I don't think I have mastitis (am I correct?) But I just feel like they are filling with milk very fast, and becoming just as firm and sore as they were that day I let them go too long. Now I am pumping and nursing every 3-5 hours but they get full and sore. What could be teh issue and what should I do? Thanks!

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    You *could* have a clogged duct. Do you feel any hard portions to your breast that stay hard even after nursing/pumping?

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