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Thread: Oversupply correction??

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    Hello!! New breastfeeding mother of 1 here. My son is 4 weeks old today. Up until this point we have been a pretty good breastfeeding team. I have been feeding every 2-3 hrs during the day(closer to 2) and def every 3 hours @ night. Less than 10 days ago i started pumping after his morning feeding. (around 5am,6am,or7am...whenever it is) I am going back to work soon and thought maybe it would be more convenient to be pumping in the evening rather than the morning. (this is strickly to get a supply up in the freezer for special occasions. I am taking the baby to work) So today i decided not to pump in the morning. This has led to engorged breasts all day, leaking, and more or less a whole day of fussy feedings that have led to screaming outcrys and red faces. He has had 1-2 green/yellow green poops and I can tell he is not feeding as calmly as before. I would like some advice as to how to fix what i have done. I did pump this evening to try to alliviate my discomfort as well. It was a relief but i have fed since then and there was not much change in his eating. I am also feeling like im having multiple let downs between feedings as well. Which is very uncomfortable. If anyone was any advice on how to get me back to normal it would be appriciated. I thought about also calling my local leader but it was already 9:30pm...and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Go Figure! Any help will be appriciated!! Thanks!

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    Have you tried chilled cabbage leaves in your bra to relieve your discomfort and reduce your supply a bit?

    If you've been pumping alot and you want to stop, maybe best to keep pumping every morning, but gradually decrease the amount you're pumping, say over 10 days, to give your body time to adjust.
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    Ice packs applied for 10 minutes or so worked for me!

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    Thanks ladies. I am going to try these avenues today and see what happens. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    Cabbage leaves worked wonders for me

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    Cabbage leaves need to be used carefully so they don't cut your supply too drastically. Pumping less and less each time is a good way to decrease your supply as well.

    My baby is 8 months old (my 3rd) and I still have letdowns in between feedings. I still leak a lot too. Its been like this for almost 5 years.

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