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Thread: Picking "all done" dates?

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    Default Picking "all done" dates?

    *deep breath*. exhale.
    Okay guys. Been a long time since I was here but finally have a little time to myself. G night-weaned a few months after his second birthday (because I needed more sleep - there was much protesting from him) and he still occasionally asks in the middle of the night despite knowing that the "nur nurs go night night". We also transitioned to nursing being only a sleep-related activity (only nursing at nap time, bed time and wake-up time).

    I kind of hoped he'd lose interest on his own or that we'd get pregnant with #3, and that would encourage him to wean . . . but it doesn't seem like either of those are going to happen any time soon. So, we picked some days to slowly end our nursing.

    We've been talking about it since last week - and we decided he would be all done soo sides at nap on Thanksgiving (he only nurses to sleep for naps when we're at home - many, many days if we're out and about he doesn't nurse or ask to nurse all day), all done soo sides at bedtime at Christmas, and all done soo sides morning on his birthday (in March).

    Has anyone else weaned with an approach like this? How did it go?
    I still have mixed feelings about this - especially because it seems like the nap nursing is when he is getting the most milk, but it really does seem like he is going to nurse forever.
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    Default Re: Picking "all done" dates?


    DD also seems to get the most milk at nap time. Not sure why that is either but wanted to share. I am pregnant with #2 and thought DD would wean on her own.. no dice. She is adamant that we nurse at least for nap and bedtime. If I get out of bed in the morning before she climbs in or as she climbs in, we don't nurse that morning and she seems fine with it.

    I wouldn't set deadlines, I'd just start changing things around until you can live with it. For me if I feel touched out, I get out of bed in the morning before she can nurse. I also limit nursing at night to once she unlatches she gets the other side and 2 sides and we are finished. I find the nap time one to be the most relaxing as I need the hour to relax and so does she, so it is mutually beneficial to nurse her at that time. KWIM

    Hope this helps and best of luck.
    Laurie (Mommy to Addison born 10/7/08 and still breastfeeding with love and limits. DS due 12/1/10)

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